Rome Limousine Rental Car Service driver (NCC – Limousine) is the service particularly suitable for those who need to travel for work and business, or people who, for their leisure or shopping, they prefer to ensure the comfort and the ‘elegance of a transfer with luxury sedans. The rental of Rome Limousine Car Service enables customers to move in safety, comfort and peace of mind that costs are equivalent to those of a taxi.

Rome Limousine Rental Car Service driver for the job, but not limited to

The rental with driver Rome Limousine Car Service allows business managers to optimize the working time, carrying out tasks and practices during the trip, send and receive emails, phone calls, refer to the Internet, study the documents of a meeting or just relax before an important business meeting. The time you’ll waste to guide you do save us … so you’re free to think about your business and earn! While the driver Rome Limousine Car Service, with professionalism, efficiency and leads you to your destination, you will have the opportunity to use your time in a more functional way.

The car driver Rome Limousine Car Service offers you an exclusive, elegant and classy location to travel from calm and relaxing to a default rate and without any nasty surprises in the meter! Thanks to our extremely low prices, can take advantage of the rental service driver Rome Limousine Car Service not only those who move for work or tourism, but also those who prefer to buy a service class that simply wants to travel by car in more comfortable conditions.

Also, you can enter into contracts in which lower considerably the subscription cost of the service, with the possibility of billing and payment postponed to 30/50 days. The subscription contracts are designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Companies, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Law Firms and Notary services.

We provide services for meetings, conferences and special events, high representation services for individuals and companies, accompanying foreign delegations, dedicated service for the guests of the Embassies, the accompanying personalized services for artists.