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The tour of the Cinque Terre is a service Limousine Car Service in Rome that brings you to discover one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, a balance between man and nature, the Cinque Terre.

A breathtaking view, a unique geographical environment, colorful houses perched: are the salient features of the Cinque Terre, an area rich in landscape jewels between Punta cable Montenero and Punta Masco, which includes the towns of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia , Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Tour of the Cinque Terre

A marine protected area (with excellent diving opportunities) and a National Park UNESCO, since 1997, a World Heritage Site. The villages and terraced with dry stone walls are immersed in a typical Mediterranean coastal environment where the mountains reach the Ligurian Apennines overlooking the sea to create a unique and spectacular. The secular work of generations has transformed this land inaccessible in a landscape of extraordinary beauty. Just think of the extraordinary nature of the villages that overlook the sea, become the destination of millions of tourists every year. Here the man has “changed” the natural environment by cutting the steep slopes of the hills to obtain strips of arable land, the so-called “cyan”. An area where land and sea come together to form an attractive area, with eighteen miles of rugged coastline full of coves, hiking trails, small peninsulas, beaches and deep, topped by a chain of mountains that run parallel to the coast.

The countries have ancient agricultural tradition, with spectacular terraces planted with vines and olive trees overlooking the sea (the National Park of the Cinque Terre provides for the safeguard of the dry stone walls which support these terraces). The park protects a coastal area where man has created a stable life and mutual co-existence between himself and nature.

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