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With the “Amalfi Coast Tour” Rome Limousine Car Service offers a wonderfully evocative of Italy, namely that of the Amalfi Coast, which comes from Positano to Vietri sul Mare, a 50 km long route which offers an extraordinary natural scenery. You can admire the white rocks that fall to sink into the sea, colorful houses “climbing” on a mountain, eighteenth-century mansions, secluded coves.

Amalfi Coast Tour: discovering the most beautiful villages in Italy

In the “Amalfi Coast Tour” will find Positano, a country that literally falls vertically on the sea, one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, known as the “pearl of the coast”. Then we will come to Amalfi, one of the most beautiful places in the world, famous for its lemons and the “limoncello”, a city with a prestigious history and ancient, one of the four Maritime Republics along with Venice, Pisa and Genoa, ancient power, that since 1997 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the many artistic and architectural beauties of Amalfi stands the magnificent cathedral that houses the relics of St. Andrew, a masterpiece of Gothic style, with its imposing facade and the famous staircase.

After crossing Ravello, the “balcony on the Gulf”, it will come to Vietri sul Mare, an ancient Etruscan settlement built in the most protected and sheltered in the Gulf of Salerno. This important resort is famous worldwide for the production of ceramics, with many craft shops.

From the Amalfi Coast will be able to accompany you to go scuba diving in the Cilento, the so-called “Coast of Myths” in a path that will take you through history and culture, sea and good food. You can visit tourist spots such as Agropoli, Sapri, Acciaroli, Palinuro and the famous Paestum, the city that possesses an archaeological site of the most famous in Italy.

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