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With the Venice Tours, Rome Limousine Car Service offers its customers a fascinating journey into the city of rare beauty, unique in the world, Venice. You can experience the magic of Venice by exploring through its channels on a beautiful gondola (the most romantic boat in the world, definitely an experience not to be missed!), You can venture with the more unusual paths to discover the Venetian legends, you can get caught by the heart of the city, the Piazza San Marco with its bell tower, the beautiful Rialto Bridge, its buildings reflections on the waters of the lagoon, its beautiful islands surrounded by water.

Piazza San Marco: the monumental heart of Venice

Piazza San Marco is the sumptuous splendor of the city theater past and present, protected by the silent majesty of the famous Campanile. A lounge that leads tourists to visit the Basilica of San Marco, with its thousands of square meters of mosaics in gold and the sacred atmosphere of oriental inspiration, the Ducal Palace, a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic ancient seat of the Doge and the government and .

The beating heart of Venice popular is the Rialto Market, which reaches up to the House of Marco Polo, the epic commercial heart of Venice to the East, and the Rialto Bridge one of the symbols of Venice and Italy in the world. Here took place the exchange of silks and spices.

The Venice of culture

Opera, the Teatro La Fenice, contemporary art with the Peggy Guggenheim, the film with the International Festival of the Lido, which is held at the “Casino”, famous throughout the world. Along the Grand Canal, the square you move towards the Teatro la Fenice, which was destroyed by fire in 1996, rebuilt on the basis of the eighteenth century and reopened in 2003. While housed in an impressive building that overlooks the canal houses the modern art collection of Peggy Guggenheim. We arrive at the Lido. Here is the Casino and here takes place on “The Festival Venice Film Festival,” the oldest film festival in the world.

Venice Tour – The islands

To say complete a trip to Venice you must also visit the islands of the lagoon, which sums up the whole spirit of the Venetians and the love for their lagoon. There are islands of Sacca Fisole and Giudecca with the Church of the Redeemer, built as a vote by the end of the plague of 1575-76. The island of San Giorgio Maggiore, to visit the basilica, a Benedictine monastery that was very important in the XII th century, after they were brought here the relics of St. Stephen in 1109. Then there is the island of Murano, known throughout the world for its glass factories. Burano, however, owes its fame to the laces, but you should also visit the sixteenth-century Church of San Martino, with its treasures. Another gem is Torcello, with the splendid Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, full of marble and Byzantine mosaics. Delicious also the island of San Michele, where the Church of San Michele in Isola, the first Renaissance building of the lagoon, and the monumental cemetery.